Makeup Bag Overhaul

Be honest, how many items do you have lurking at the bottom of your makeup bag? They seemed like an amazing purchase at the cosmetics counter but you never got around to using them because a) you didn’t know how or b) they didn’t quite “work”!

The transition of seasons is always a great time to cleanse your makeup bag but there is no room for sentiment; cracked eye-shadows, dried up mascara, pressed powder that’s gone “shiny” - ditch them.

Makeup products do have a shelf life so make sure you check the packaging and definitely discard any products past their prime. If you are still unsure, approximate guidelines are as follows:

  • Mascaras/liquid liners
    three to six months
  • Lipsticks, glosses, foundation, concealer, eye-shadows
    two years
  • Lip/eye pencils
    two to four years but sharpen before each use
  • Powders
    are pretty safe from bacteria unless you use a wet sponge or brush to apply it
  • Clean your brushes regularly
    I recommend at least once a week, if you’re a makeup artist then clean after every application!
  • Clean your tools
    tweezers, eyelash curlers and scissors
  • Discard used sponges/applicators
    these are usually full of product which can harbour bacteria

If you still have anything left in your make-up bag (!) - sort the products into categories

Now the fun part - decide what’s missing and replace with new products

Gail's Top Tip

Remove any products that you haven’t used for at least a year - you’re never going to use them…


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