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How are your New Year's resolutions holding up?  

I make beauty resolutions as I find they're much easier to stick to.  If it means my skin will look amazing then why wouldn't I stick to them like glue!

My top 6 beauty resolutions are all pretty straightforward.  Mostly common sense and no rocket science! 

I'm sure you'll agree that they are all do-able but let me know if you think otherwise!  I'd love to know what your beauty resolutions are?   Leave me your comments here on in my Facebook Page!  


  • SPF - protect you skin.  Many moisturisers and foundations have built in SPFs.  Remember that even on the dullest days, we are exposed to UV light, which accelerates the skin’s ageing process
  • Water - keep your skin hydrated by drinking enough water.  Hydrated skin cells slow down the ageing process    
  • Cleanse & moisturise - this need only take a few minutes twice daily and you will soon notice the benefits.  I'm a double cleanser and if you have time, you'll notice the difference!
  • Hands & Feet - do not underestimate the work that our poor hands and feet do on a daily basis!  Look after them with regular pro or DIY manis & pedis 
  • Facial - professional or DIY.  Either way, just 30 minutes of “you” time really makes a difference to our general wellbeing and is a worthwhile investment.  Good for the skin good for the soul - don't forget to switch off your laptops/phones!
  • Clean Brushes - without exception, clean your makeup brushes weekly to remove the build up of products and any lurking bacteria.  If you work on clients then clean brushes after each use. 
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