Perfect brows...

Did you know that by nailing your brow shape and more importatnly ensuring the arch of your brow is in the right spot, will make us appear more youthful?

Not only do brows frame our eyes, they can make or break a look, which is why I consider brows to be one of our most powerful features.

  1. Find the start point-  Hold a pencil vertically from the outer edge of the bottom of your nose in line with the inner corner of your eye (one inch above) to your brow. Mark with a pencil
  2. Find the arch-Hold your pencil from the tip of your nose diagonally in line with the middl eof your pupil and up to your brow –then mark the spot (th earch should be two thirds out).
  3. Find the tail:-Line the pencil up diagonally from the outer edge of the bottom of your nose in line with the outer corner of the eye to your brow bone – mark it.Make sure it does not end lower than the point of where your brow begins (to avoid droopy looking eyes).



4.  Brush brows upwards and tweeze out any stragglers.

5.  Fill in any gaps using a brow powder with an angle brush which gives a natural ‘hair look’ and defined shape.

6.  Set with a clear brow gel.

Clara Bowbrooke shields

  • Brows can single-handedly define an era; from 20s Clara Bow (thin and straight) to 80s Brooke Shields (thick and natural).  Makeup trends change but face shapes don’t.  So long as you use the simple guide above, you'll be sorted. 
  • Lastely, our brows are very rarely perfectly symmetrical and you should think of them as sisters rather than twins!
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